Curriculum and Learning Experiences . . .

Pebbles has chosen the "Essential Preschool Curriculum" to be aligned with the children's individual growth and development, both educationally and spiritually.  Our educational philosophy is Christian based, age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate and child directed.  In our center, children learn through play and are given the freedom to make choices that help foster independence.

Our certified Kindergarten Program is aligned with the Washoe County School District Learning Standards and is designed to prepare the children to transition easily to a public or private school environment.

Pebbles offers a balance of experiences that will address all areas of the children's growth, development and learning.  Our curriculum focuses on the following areas of developmental growth for preschoolers:

Physical, including small and large muscles, social-emotional, language and literacy, cognitive and spiritual development.  We also include the integration of content areas such as mathematics, social studies, science, language arts, and creative arts.  We provide many opportunities for the children to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in school.

Classroom Environment & Learning Centers . . .

Our classroom environments are set up for choices.  Materials in learning centers are selected and arranged to promote healthy growth and development, pretense and creativity, foster involvement, independence, decision making, and responsibility.  Children are given experiences and extended opportunities to explore by selecting and using, and engaging in the materials offered at each center.

Outdoor Play . . .

Outdoor Play is an integral part of a child's development.  Significant outdoor/indoor physical play time will be incorporated within the schedule to allow for children's meaningful physical play experiences.

Assessment . . .

The State of Nevada Board for Child Care recently approved regulations stating that child care facilities must develop a written assessment plan for every child enrolled in their care, must assess a child's development within three months of enrollment, and continue to assess the child's development three times throughout the year (September, January and May).

In order to comply with the State of Nevada regulations, Pebbles Preschool and Kindergarten has adopted the AGES and STAGES (ASQ-3) Questionnaires as our screening tool.  The ASQ's will be administered in September and in May.  The results of the screening will be communicated to parents at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  These results will also help the teachers to tailor the program and activities to the needs of the children in the classroom.