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Current Series: Stumbling Blocks

What would a "good" year look like in 2017 if you remembered that you don't control life's circumstances, events, or other people's choices around you?

About this time every year we try and assess the quality of last year's "goodness" or "badness," and it's usually based on things outside of our control -- maybe it's things like other people's incorrect assessments of us, events that didn't go our way, or circumstances not foreseen?  They all generally factor into the assessment of our previous year.  In essence, they can became stumbling blocks to us in defining whether it was a "good" year, or not.

In our Winter Series, entitled "Stumbling Blocks," we'll discover what those barriers could be in our lives.  With God's grace, we'll delve in and learn together (on Sundays and in LIFEteams) how to respond to them in a spiritually healthy and productive way.  We'll talk about how we can take some responsibility -- for our responses, and maybe, our "bad attitudes" -- and see how we can improve the quality of our lives, despite the outside factors that feel as if they come out of nowhere at times.  

Let's begin 2017 with a fresh, spiritual perspective of how we can allow our own personal "trip ups" to reshape how we respond to them. And that will begin with making Sundays a priority, as we determine to make this upcoming year the "good" year we all long for!  

Happy Good Year,

Pastors Art, Andy, Brett and the whole rock team