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Current Series: New Beginnings

I (Art) always look at March as a transition month. March transitions us from winter to spring, from buds to blooms, from nighttime temps that are below freezing to temps that are above freezing, and from short, cold days to long, warm ones.

It’s a time when I begin getting the back patio ready with hanging Bubinga Lights, putting out new chair cushions, scrubbing the barbecue grill, and refreshing the patio rugs. These events are preparation for the spring and summer and are done in anticipation of what’s to come. They are not the substance of summer, but the preparations for summer. They are done anxiously, awaiting the new things.

The|rock’s March series, New Beginnings, has a similar feel. It’s a look at how the Old Testament is preparation for the anticipated New Beginnings that happen every Easter Season. We’ll use this March as the transition to Easter. We’ll examine why Jesus was so passionate about the Old Testament and why Jesus continually refers to it. In Luke 24:27, it says, “Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he [Jesus] explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.”

“What was said in all the scriptures concerning himself” was that Jesus was in the dark and shadowy beginning, and He’ll also be in the bright and glorious end of all things. The Old Testament essentially contains “buds” that turn into “blossoms” in the New Testament. The Old Testament represents the shorter, winter, dark days that turn into long summer, sunny experiences in the New Testament.

If you personally are experiencing a little “winter” in life -- those cold, dark and alone times -- then New Beginnings is for you. If you are experiencing some “closed-upness,” like the buds on a tree and feel like you’d like to blossom in life and live above the ordinary, then New Beginnings is for you.

Join us beginning March 4th. and let New Beginnings transition you from where you are in life to where God wants you to be . . . fully alive in Christ and assured of your future.

Pastors Art, Andy, Brett, & Chad