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Current Series: This Is Us

Have you ever felt like one of "those people"? Or have you ever referred to people in that manner? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. "Those people" kind of statements or labels are meant to diminish or devalue people. It's actually a way some try to elevate their own sense of significance, and unfortunately, it happens in the church too!

Labeling people in such a way, can keep people out of church -- feeling as if they would never measure up or be allowed to walk through the doors of a church. Here are some ways "some people" might feel being labeled that way:

1. I'm just not good enough.
2. I'm not deserving because "so and so" is so much better (more spiritual/faithful) than I am.
3. I'm a stupid non-churched person; I just don't "get it" and I don't fit in!
4. I stumble, fall, or can’t keep up . . . I can't seem to make progress!
5. I'm a loser because of all of the above. I should just quit!

When Jesus came on the scene, He had to overcome the same feelings and beliefs that “those people” had carried around for centuries.

Religious leaders had made “those people” feel like they were not good enough and not deserving enough. However, Jesus changed everything about how “those people” felt. He changed it at a “grass roots” level by saying, “This is Us!” This is who God’s people are, this is what sets us apart from others, this is what defines our being and purpose.

In Jesus’ first major communication to over 5000 people (The Sermon on the Mount), He made it clear that God intended for all people to be able to draw close to Him. He took “those people” through a teaching and spiritual growth process folks had never seen or heard before.

Through this teaching, Jesus made it possible for “those people” to become “this is us” . . . the Church. He transformed religious thinking into spiritual life! In our fall Series, entitled “This Is Us,” we’ll focus on transforming our religious thinking into a spiritual journey, designed and intended for all of us!
LIFEteams and Adult Education classes will also take you through The Sermon on the Mount as we all, together, grow in our relationship with Christ!

Pastor Art & Team