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Current Series: I'll Be Home For Christmas

The simple phrase, “I’ll be home for Christmas” seems harmless enough. Everyone loves to go home for Christmas. Right? Well . . . maybe or maybe not?  This time of year can be stressful with the endless shopping lists, crazy traffic, and ridiculous crowds; however, the biggest single stress isn’t the hustle and bustle. It’s, more than likely, the people, especially the people in your family tree. 
We might see the sister who is kind to your face, but when she’s 10 feet away you know your back is in jeopardy.  Or maybe you must face the Uncle you’ve never really been comfortable around, and now you have to sit across from him for the annual Christmas dinner.
The truth is, the phrase “I’ll be home for Christmas” can evoke feelings and emotions that run the gamut between dread and delightful.  Not everyone sees or feels the phrase the same way! For some, the memories of Christmas are filled with family squabbles, liquored up language, and fractured relationships.  
Yet for others, the phrase evokes memories of hot chocolate, warm fires, and closing relationship gaps caused by time and distance over the past year. Depending on your experience, being home for Christmas can either be “warm and fuzzy” or “wild and wacky.”
Sometimes, there’s lot to reconcile in going home for Christmas. How do we work through it all?  It may sound impossible, and it may be in some cases.  However, we’ll go deep in understanding what we can and what we cannot do as we seek to be reconcilers in this world.
We look forward to seeing you“home at the|rock” this Christmas!