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Current Series: LIFE: There's an App for This

There are currently 2.8 million APPS available in the world. One hundred and 80 billion APPS have downloaded in the past 10 years and 60,000 new APPS are added monthly for our downloading pleasure. So it's not unrealistic to say, literally, there's an APP for everything these days.

In my research, I (Art) discovered there are also standard APP categories all developers follow when designing their APPs. The two categories that caught my attention most were "lifestyle" and "navigation," so in my usual curious fashion I started scanning what APPs were available. Under Lifestyle were diets, fashion, fitness, meditation, travel, relationship finders, photo enhancers, and even daily water consumption log APPs. Under Navigation I found directions, routes, compasses, celestial charts, attitude meters, and even Big Texas BBQ Restaurant finders (awesome I guess if you live in Texas).

But there was one APP I was unable to find -- an APP that would enable me (or anyone) to navigate life, more specifically, spiritual life. What if there was an APP that allowed you to determine where you were on your spiritual journey, sort of a spiritual GPS? And what if this APP helped you determine how to make progress on your spiritual journey and find life's eventual destination?

Well, it's been done! In conjunction with the|rock's January Series, "Life: There's an APP For This," we'll unfold it for you and your family. It will be a great New Year's Series, one designed to help you, and those close to you, navigate this thing called spiritual life, or more properly, your spiritual journey -- because around here, "It's all about the journey . . . Together!"

It all begins New Year's Eve at 10:00 a.m. Join us. Invite others. Relish the Journey!

Pastors Art, Andy & Brett