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Our Philosophy

"Come as you are!  It's all about the journey . . . together!"

From the very beginning, the|rock church has been a "Come as you are . . . it's-all-about-the-journey . . . together kind of church."  Now . . . 15 years later, things are no different.  However, we are learning to better define what that really looks like.

"Come as you are" means just that -- anyone can walk through the doors of the|rock just as he or she is, regardless of gender, social status, nationality, previous religious affiliation, sexual orientation or family of origin.  In other words, we are wildly inclusive as Christ's advocates for the unchurched, de-churched, and culturally and socially marginalized of the world.  We whole-heartedly believe this is the example Christ set for us. 

"It's all about the journey" is about growing spiritually, maturing as an individual, and allowing Christ to be fully formed in each one of us.  Our journey is about continually aligning our lives with Christ's plan and purpose.  Sometimes we grow quickly and other times we can hold on to things that hold us back, but the journey continues.  At the|rock, anyone who walks through the doors is invited to belong, even though there may not be a belief in Christ.

"Together" means walking alongside each other as we pursue our spiritual journey.  Some have been pursuing a personal relationship with Christ all their lives, and yet, others haven't even started a new life in Christ.  While we each focus on our journey, we will naturally encourage others to progress on theirs, always striving to extend grace.  As we continue to encourage each other, the whole church will continually mature toward Christ's likeness.

We believe that the Church is the hope of the world, entrusted to everyday, ordinary people, and together, we can do all things through the power of the Holy Spirit residing in us.

Join us!